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Joji - She's So Nice (Hycas Bootleg Edits)

by Hycas

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    Original track credit to George 'Joji' Miller, I am merely extending his music here and don't claim official endorsement.
    Mad respect to him and if you like this music, look in the lower description for a link, and support any music that comes from 'Filthy Frank'.
    Using the 'Hand on my Gat' beat and the Joji preview is directly inspired by YouTube account KMai so props to his awesome mashup, please show him some support or at least some views: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMn0hfbFYiMhN1ZmvvWXPyw




Bits of "She's So Nice" by Pink Guy and the beat from "Hand On My Gat" since somebody sent me this Joji Music preview from the iTunes version.
Original version of tracks by Pink Guy/George Miller/Joji
Pink Season album: (NSFW Language)

Splicing those two tracks has been done before so maybe I ripped off the YouTuber who did that, but this is slowed and made aesthetic so I'm 1000% original now.

Joji is insanely good with music, and this is mostly done from respect as I feel the mellow parts of Pink Season are underplayed and need more listen-time.
Both of these were much easier to make than the originals.

Unlike my other tracks, you can't use or remix these at all, but if Joji is still fine with it, you could make your own versions if you come across files.


released January 12, 2017



all rights reserved


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